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Even if I go to the grave, I will say that he voted in a boat: Shahjahan Omar

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Shahjahan Omar, candidate of Awami League with boat symbol in Jhalkathi-1 (Rajapur-Kathalia) constituency, said, ‘I created a stronghold of BNP in Barisal, Jhalkathi, Rajapur, Kathalia. Leader Sheikh Hasina made it available, said in ear to ear, now turn it upside down and build the fortress of Awami League. I will do it, his trust in me will not be disappointed, inshallah. No one outside the boat can be elected MP in this region. Even if I go to the grave, I will say, oh miner party, vote in the boat quickly.’

He said these things in the election road meeting at Lebuunia Madras field on Monday afternoon.

About BNP, this former BNP leader said, ‘I was in a party earlier and my serial number was 11. You know why I am coming to Awami League, if the political party does not hold elections, this party will not last.’

About the election, the current Awami League candidate said, ‘Everyone should go to the center and vote in the next 7th election. Seals won’t die sitting in the center. Because there will be local and foreign journalists and observers in the election. They will move from center to center. If they hit the seal, they will photograph it and spread it. Then the election will be questionable. Various domestic and foreign manipulations are going on regarding the election. Therefore, if 5 percent, 10 percent, 20 percent votes are read, the foreign media and the opposition party will advertise that this election is illegal. So at least 60 percent of the votes must be cast.

Shahjahan Omar also said, ‘One day you go to the polling station and seal the boat, I want to serve you for the next 5 years. I want to be your servant.’

Union Awami League President Sobahan Khane, Upazila Awami League President Khairul Alam Sarfraz along with upazila and union level leaders-activists attended the meeting organized by Saturia Union Awami League.


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