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Even goals like Messi can’t remove Real Madrid’s discomfort

by Afonso
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The scoreline of the match is mind blowing. Today Girona has a match against Alaves. If he wins the match, the surprise of La Liga will rise to the top again. But in a week in which Barcelona drew and Atletico Madrid lost, Real Madrid beat Villarreal 4-1.

As a result, Madrid went top of the league, at least for a day, with Brahim Dias scoring a goal reminiscent of Messi. But Madrid lost another player from the original XI to injury. Maybe David Alaba is out for the whole season.

In the recent past, Villarreal has been a cause for concern for Madrid. But since the beginning of the match yesterday, Madrid’s power. A shot from Modric hits the crossbar. Madrid took the lead in the 25th minute. The English midfielder scored his 17th goal of the season.

But after 10 minutes, Alaba was injured. Rodrigo doubled the gap within 2 minutes when he handled the shock. Jose Morales scored in the 54th minute. Modric scored in the 68th minute. Of course, that goal of Dias happened four minutes before that.

Fran Garcia has assists written next to his name. But the Spanish left back may not get an assist like this for the rest of his life. From his own half, Garcia sent the ball to Brahim Dias. There was no Madrid player in front of Dias who received the ball in midfield. At such times it is logical to give a back pass.

But Dias knocked out Mandi with a body twist. He made a run through the left edge of the field. Viral defenders couldn’t even attempt to stop him with sliding tackles due to his crooked runs.

Entered the D-box and pretended to take a shot, which confused another defender and knocked him down. This time he took a shot with his weak right leg. The goalkeeper jumped and put on his gloves but could not stop the goal.

Dias scored such a goal at the Bernabeu that the gallery gave a standing ovation as he left the field after the goal. Dias is usually seen scoring such goals only in practice videos, but this is the first time he has scored in a match, said Dias, “I always try to dribble like this. Got it right today and scored. Undoubtedly one of the best goals of my career, especially at the Bernabeu. Being at the Santiago Bernabeu makes it even more special, a dream come true.’

Milita is also injured.  Photo: Twitter

Such a goal woke up the Bernabeu, but coach Carlo Ancelotti could not remove the discomfort. Madrid have already started this season on the back foot. Goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois and defender Emilita have also been sidelined for the start of the season with ACL injuries. David Alaba, another centerback who won the Champions League in the 35th minute of the match yesterday, left the field with an ACL injury.

This season, not only Madrid, but almost all teams have suffered ACL injuries. Footballers now have to play extra matches due to UEFA and FIFA’s greed. This is affecting the fitness of the players. Ancelotti took responsibility in a slightly different way, ‘This is the first time something like this has happened to me, three of my players have torn their ACLs.’


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