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Evaly will start refunding gateway money this month

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Evaly, the country’s top e-commerce company, will start refunding the money stuck in the gateway from this January. Apart from this, all old debts including checks will start to be paid from next May.

This was announced by the company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mohammad Russell in an online press conference from Evely’s head office in Dhanmondi on Saturday afternoon.

In response to the questions of the journalists, Russell said, ‘Recently, since the first day of the new initiative, Evely has received a great response from customers and merchants. In the first campaign we got two lakh product orders against 80 thousand orders and we started making profit from the first campaign. We will refund the customer’s money in the gateway this month and will start paying off all old debts including checks from next May with the profit money.

All customers will be paid the principal amount in stages as per the order. Very soon customers will be able to view their old data. He also mentioned that all related activities are ongoing.

Russell said, as part of Evaly’s new business plan, we are offering all products on COD (cash on delivery). Previously, customers paid directly to Evaly before receiving the product. But this time there is no risk for the customer as it is cash on delivery. Apart from this, the price of the product paid by the customer is now going directly to the seller. As a result, the seller also has no residual risk. Ecuriar takes the product directly from the merchant to the customer.

In response to another question, Russell said, first the customer will receive the product and then pay the price. Evaly does not participate in any activities except taking orders here. As a result, we are able to deliver products quickly to the customer with more transparency. In response to another question, Russell said that earlier most of the products were sold at a loss.

However, this time almost all the products have kept a small amount of profit. With this profit money it will be possible to meet the monthly expenses of the company. That is why Evaly does not have to fall into any new debt. Rather, as the amount of profit is increasing, preparations are being made to return the old arrears quickly, said CEO Russell.


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