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Evaly started paying the customer’s dues

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E-commerce company Evaly started paying the customer’s dues by returning only 15 lakhs against the debt of hundreds of crores of rupees. One and a half hundred customers who filed a case in the Directorate of National Consumer Rights Protection received this money on Sunday. The organization has ordered the speedy disposal of nearly 7,000 more complaints.

In 2021, software engineer Kamrul Hasan Sourav placed an order to buy daily necessities worth Tk 20,000 in e-commerce company Evely. But not getting the product on time, he complained to the Directorate of Consumer Rights Protection. The news of the settlement rushed to the Office of Consumer Rights.

On Sunday, like Kamrul Hasan, 150 more people received summons to settle their complaints. And through this, Evaly started refunding the dues of customers.

The company has not yet given an accurate account of how much the customer owes to Evaly. However, CEO Mohammad Russell assured to return the customer’s debt on a larger scale from next May.

Mohammad Russell said, ‘If I can settle 15 lakh taka or 150 complaints today by doing business. If you do business like this for 6 months, the payment will be more. If I invest, my first condition will be to pay the investment debt.’

Meanwhile, Director General AHM Safikuzzaman has warned to be strict in resolving about 7,000 complaints submitted to the Directorate of Consumer Rights. He also emphasized on joint initiatives to bring stability in this sector.

Immediately after the launch in December 2018, Evaly responded to the flashy advertisements of various offers and discounts. However, the company was closed in September 2021 due to many complaints of non-delivery of products even with advance payment. Hundreds of crores of customer’s rupees are stuck. Top officials were arrested.


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