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Evaly announced that the product will arrive in 72 hours

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Evaly has announced to deliver the product to the customer within 72 hours without any advance payment. The company informed this information through a press release on Thursday.

According to the notice, Evaly, one of the country’s e-commerce companies, is coming back again through the ‘Big Bang’ offer. After being released from prison, the managing director of the organization, Mohammad Russell, has started its activities again. In continuation of this, he announced the new offer ‘Big Bang’.

On September 16, 2021, Evaly’s managing director Mohammad Russell and his wife Shamima Nasreen, the company’s chairman, were arrested by RAB. There are many cases against them across the country on various charges including check forgery, non-receipt of goods with money. As a result, hundreds of crores of rupees are stuck at the customer and merchant level.

Evaly founder and CEO Mohammad Russel will come on Facebook Live tomorrow Friday night to give details on how the money owed will be returned to customers.

In a press release, the company said, companies like Samsung, Minister, Yamuna, Unilever, TK Group, Sena, Arrow, Nokia have joined Evaly’s ‘Big Bang’ offer. Customer will receive any product within 72 hours of ordering. Here all the products will be available on COD i.e. cash on delivery. The customer will first understand the product, then pay the money.

Commenting on the new campaign, Mohammad Russel said, ‘Our suppliers have been waiting for a long time to give the best offers to customers. Several hundreds of sellers have already announced their offers. This long distance can only be bridged through Evaly’s ‘Big Bang’ offer.’


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