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EU agrees to pass landmark law to regulate AI

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Members of the European Union Parliament and member states have reached a tentative agreement to regulate artificial intelligence or AI technologies such as OpenAI and ChatGPTT. They also agreed on groundbreaking legislation to regulate AI technology to prevent cybercrime as well as maintain security in business and employment. The agreement will be finalized soon.

European Union chief Ursula von der Leyen said, ‘This is the first AI act in the world. It is a legal framework for the development as well as regulation of artificial intelligence. This law is for the safety and fundamental rights of people and businesses.’ European Commissioner Thierry Breton said, ‘Europe has positioned itself as a pioneer in understanding the importance of its role as a global standard setter. I think this is a historic day.’

According to the new law, technologies such as OpenAI and ChatGPT must meet certain obligations before they can be brought to the market. This includes providing technical documentation, compliance with EU copyright law and detailing content.

Apart from this, the law also mentions how to assess the level of risk in new technologies and take action on them and report any serious issues to the European Commission. The AI ​​Act also requires the EU to ensure the cybersecurity of new technologies as well as inform them of their capabilities.

However, companies working on artificial intelligence will surely be concerned about EU member states agreeing to such a law. If passed, this law will be presented as an example to other countries in various parts of the world who are already thinking about it.

Europe’s artificial intelligence regulation is being discussed at a time when companies like OpenAI are working on developing their projects. Google-owned company Alphabet on Thursday released a new AI model called Gemini.

Governments around the world are seeking to balance the benefits of artificial intelligence technology with regulation. Last October, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order setting AI safety standards. Earlier in August, China also adopted similar measures.


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