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Etc. This time in Moulvibazar, the capital of tea

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In the continuation of capturing ‘etc’ in the remote areas of the country in search of history, tradition and roots, this episode has been shot in the beautiful district of Moulvibazar, famous for being the capital of tea. The stage was built in the grounds surrounded by the Kurma tea garden of Kamalganj established in 1895. Dense green forests, mesmerizing tea plantations on the hilltops, lakes and other spectacular scenic views are captured on stage covered with tea trees, etc. Most of the time the magazine show is captured on the night light stage but it is not possible to show the natural form of this Kurma tea garden at night time, so this time the visuals are started in the fading light of day etc. The program was recorded last December 15.

On the occasion of holding etc., there was a festive mood in the entire Moulvibazar district. A crowded fair surrounds the venue. The shopkeepers sit and arrange the stalls of various products. From a distance, it seems like a sea of ​​people in the middle of the tea garden. Visitors come from different upazilas 50 to 100 km away. With the spontaneous cooperation of the local administration and common people, the invited guests started arriving at the venue from 3 pm. In no time the venue was filled to the brim. Apart from the invited audience, many spectators stand on the surrounding hills, roads and lake banks in a very orderly manner and enjoy the shooting etc. Lasts till 11pm. Ignoring the harsh winter, they enjoyed the recording of their favorite program in a long time.

In this event, singer Salim Chowdhury, son of Moulvibazar, and Tasiba, son of Sylhet, sang a different kind of love song in the regional language. The lyrics of the song are written by Ramacharan. Music composed by Akash Mahmud. Note that Tasiba’s first television journey began with this etc. In addition to this, more than a hundred local dancers performed a dance with a song about Moulvibazar written by Moniruzzaman Palash, composed by Hanif Sanket and composed by Mehdi. The dance was choreographed by Khwaja Salahuddin Jhantu, voiced by Pulak, Tanjina Ruma, Momin Biswas and Noshin Tabassum Naran.

According to the rules of the audience, 4 viewers are selected from among the audience through question and answer around the venue Moulvibazar. In the 2nd phase, some dance and musical artists from the local Bengali and Manipuri communities participated along with the selected audience.

The culture and tradition of Moulvibazar has been captured in this episode.  Photo: Courtesy of Etc

Roots Finder etc. has always been promoting non-propaganda, philanthropic people from remote areas of the country as well as promoting informative and informative reports from remote areas. And in that continuity, there are some heart touching reports in this episode as well. There is an informative report on Moulvibazar. Another public awareness report on exceptional polythene huts. Finally there is the heartwarming dream story of an ideal mother.

This year’s foreign report section includes a report on ‘N Seoul Tower’ located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Apart from this, as usual on the stage of Moulvibazar, there is talk of grandmothers and grandchildren on various contemporary topics. A report highlighting the activities of Bikul Chakraborty of Srimangal, known as a collector of documentary films and memorabilia of the Liberation War, was shown in the correspondence section. Along with regular other episodes, there are several juicy yet sharp dramas on various contemporary events. There are a number of plays on various topics including people of the pure soil, poverty of the lower class at the price of everyday goods, food-worried parents at the door, star bazaar, the consequences of making the worthless valuable, the sad state of cultural heritage, domestic turmoil, unnecessary talk, education to rise up.

Notable artists in this edition are Solaiman Khoka, Ziaul Hasan Kislu, Abdullah Rana, Subhish Bhowmik, Masum Bashar, Shafiq Khan Dilu, Mukit Zakaria, Zillur Rahman, Shabnam Parveen, Momena Chowdhury, Zahid Shikder, Nipu, Kamal Bayezid, Amin Azad, Bilu Barua. .

Masum Bashar and Subhasish Bhowmik in the drama.  Photo: Courtesy of Etc

As always, the art director Mukimul Anwar Mukim was in the art direction and stage planning of etc. Rana Sarkar and Mohammad Mamun were assistants to the director.

This episode will be aired on BTV and BTV World after Bangla news at 8 pm on December 29 (Friday). Written, directed and presented by Hanif Sanket. Produced by Fagun Audio Vision. etc sponsored as usual by Kaya Cosmetics Limited.


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