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Establishing good governance while maintaining economy is the challenge: AK Azad

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Independent Member of Parliament AK Azad wants to speak for people’s interest in Parliament. In an interview given to Independent Television, AK Azad said that independent parliamentarians will decide on the formation of alliances as per Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s instructions. He also thinks that the establishment of good governance while maintaining the speed of the economy is a big challenge in front of the government.

Since winning the 12th Parliament elections, 62 independent candidates have been in discussion. The curiosity about who will be the opposition party has not stopped. However, the top leaders of Awami League indicated that Jatiya Party is sitting on the seat of the opposition party. Discussions are also going on about what will be the position of independent candidates in Parliament.

Member of Parliament AK Azad, who won from Faridpur-3 constituency, said, ‘I don’t have the limitations that I had when I won with a boat. I will now raise any issue, any issue. I will give good and constructive advice to the government. In case of any wrongdoing, in respect of a project, i.e. the government takes up a project, it is supposed to be completed within three years. It doesn’t end even in 9 years. I will talk about these things. I will talk about the development project.’

Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina called the independent members of Parliament to Ganobhaban on Sunday evening. They want to work according to the instructions given in the meeting.

AK Azad said, ‘We will not take any position against the party. But in some matters of the Parliament, we will definitely contribute so that the government also benefits and the country also benefits.’

Independent parliamentarian and managing director of Ha-Meem Group believes that the government’s major challenge is to deal with economic pressure and establish good governance.

AK Azad said, ‘The biggest challenge of the government is the economy.. Those who have taken loans from this banking sector are defaulted loans of more than Tk 1 lakh crore. Are these loans invested at all in his projects or have the money gone abroad? Then the main responsibility of the government is to back the money.

This adviser of Faridpur District Awami League said that it will take time to resolve the conflict that has arisen between the parties during the election.

AK Azad said, ‘My main election agent was the chairman of the Zilla Parishad, the upazila chairman was Advocate Shamsul Haque. He is still sick. He is under treatment. He was hacked. Many of them are still injured. This conflict will not be resolved overnight. It will require the intervention of the Prime Minister.’


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