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Esha murder: Husband files complaint against Uddeep

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Khagrachari Police Inspector (Unarmed) Utpal Biswas, investigating officer of the case, filed a charge sheet in the court accusing Esha’s husband Uddipan in the murder of school teacher Esha Tripura (Naveena) in Mahajan neighborhood of Khagrachari town.
Last year on December 31, the police submitted the charge sheet in the Khagrachari Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court.

It is said in the charge sheet that Esha Tripura’s death was not natural. There was conflict between husband and wife in their married life. They suspected each other of alienation. On remand, Esha’s husband Uddipan Tripura did not admit responsibility for the murder, but the investigation revealed that Esha Tripura was killed by cutting her head and other places with a sharp weapon.

On the day of the incident i.e. on July 20 last year around 8:30 pm, Esha’s colleague Tripali Tripura and her husband Bir Mohan Tripura visited Eshad’s rented house in Mahajan Para. After two-and-a-half hours of absence, no one was home except Uddipan Tripura, his wife Esha Tripura and their two children aged 13 and 6.

Moreover, the police did not find any evidence that someone from outside had caused this incident. The doors and windows of the house were all right. There was no sign of anyone breaking in.

The next day (July 21 at 4 am) neighbors found Esha’s dead body in the bathroom with bloody injuries. Uddipan Tripura tried to take this murder in a different direction. He first revealed the murder as having suffered a stroke after falling in the bathroom. Later, instead of taking the body to the hospital, the husband tried to cremate it without an autopsy. Forced to be taken to hospital under local and administration pressure. After the post-mortem the body is cremated.

The next day after this incident, Esha Tripura’s brother Khoka Ranjan Tripura Khagrachhari Sadar Police Station filed a case against an unknown accused.

Investigating officer Uppal Biswas said, ‘I have submitted the charge sheet to the learned court stating what I found after investigation.’

Khoka Ranjan Tripura, brother of Esha Tripura, the plaintiff in the case, said, ‘I have received the charge sheet. I am satisfied after reading the charge sheet. The police made a good report. I have been given a notice to appear in court on February 4 to give my opinion on this.

PP Hemant Tripura of Khagrachari Women and Child Torture Prevention Tribunal said, ‘If the plaintiff is satisfied with the charge sheet, the Chief Judicial Court will transfer it to the Women and Child Torture Prevention Tribunal for trial. Then, if the charge is formed for the trial, the trial will begin.’

Incidentally, Esha Tripura, an assistant teacher of Tapta Master Para Government Primary School of Matiranga Upazila, was murdered in a rented house in Khagrachari Mahajan Para on July 20 last year. Esha Tripura’s elder brother Khoka Ranjan filed a murder case in Tripura Khagrachari police station in connection with this murder. Various organizations formed human chains in three hill districts to demand justice for this murder.


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