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English books on the life and work of Subrata Kumar Das

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The English book ‘Subrata Kumar Das: A Wonder Boy of Intellect’ is being published at the upcoming Ekushey Book Fair in Dhaka on the life and work of Canada expatriate writer and researcher Subrata Kumar Das. Sujit Kusum Pal, a well-known Toronto writer as a Yeats researcher, edited this book of about two hundred pages.

Eminent people have written analytical essays in this book highlighting various aspects of the life and work of Subrata Kumar Das. They are – Toronto’s Bengali community respected scholar writer Dr. Dilip Chakraborty, former Vice-Chancellor of Bangladesh Islamic University, Professor Dr. Rashid Askari, Playwright Ajay Majumdar, cousin of London-born Subrata Kumar Das, translator Shreyasi Bose Dutta, Subrata student auditor Zahidul Islam Shah, writer Tasmina Khan, poet Debanjana Mukherjee Bhowmik, cultural activist Mam Kazi. As the best Bengali writer in Canada in 2023 and the Gayatri Gamers Memorial Award from New Jersey in America in 2018, Subrata Kumar has managed to attract the attention of Bengalis across Canada. It may be mentioned that in 2021 his name was shortlisted for 25 Top Immigrant Awards.
In this book published by Murdhanya, Subrata wrote about various books by free thinker Akbar Hossain, writer Masum Billah, Professor Surjit Roy Majumder and Dr. Nafiz Ahmed.
A total of eight essays by Subrata have been added to this book so that the reader can get an idea of ​​the writing life of Subrata Kumar Das. Apart from Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam, the other topics that have come up in these articles written by Subrata are the century-old Japan-Bangla relationship, Subrata’s dream of Bengali literature on the Internet, Subrata’s journey to Canadian literature, Subrata’s interest in the epic Mahabharata and the context of writing a book about Chaitanya.

It may be mentioned that the number of books written, translated and edited by Subrata Kumar Das is 29. Also, an important work of his life is the initiation of the first website of Bengali literature (www.bdnovels.org) in 2003. A get-together was recently held in Toronto to mark the site’s 20th anniversary.

In 2010, Subrata Kumar Das is also credited with re-introducing the village to the countrymen by organizing a massive rally on the endangered traditional village of Korkadi in Faridpur district of Bangladesh. So some want to call him as the discoverer of Korkadi village. He also edited a book on Korkadi.

He was invited to participate in the Toronto Festival of Authors (TIFA) in 2020 as the first Bengali writer. He also participated in 2022 and 2023.

In 2023, Subrata Kumar Das’s autobiographical book ‘Utsa To Parvas’ was published. The reading-unveiling ceremony of that book was organized by NRB Television.

The most important book written by Subrata during his 10 years in Toronto is ‘Kanadiya Literature: Isolation Thoughts’. The book is considered a valuable addition to the entry of Bengalis into Kannada literature. Ann Michaels, then Poet Laureate of Toronto, was present at the reading of that book.

Subrata Kumar Das is a Rabindra-scholar. His three books on Rabindranath are ‘Rabindranath: Little-Known Unknown’ (2011), ‘Rabindranath: Teaching English’ (2012) and ‘Rabindranath and Mahabharata’ (2012). He translated a book on Rabindra written by Prabir Bikash Sarkar, a Bengali researcher living in Japan, into English. The book titled Rabindranath Tagore: India-Japan Cooperation Perspectives was published in 2011 by India Center Foundation, Japan.

Subrata Kumar Das’s literary career began with research on Kazi Nazrul Islam. Nazrul’s ‘Bandhanahara’ (2000) is Subrata’s first book. Subsequently, he published ‘Nazrul Sahabik Ten Articles’ (2004) and ‘Nazrul-Veeksha’ (2013). It may also be mentioned that his translated book ‘Kazi Nazrul Islam: Selected Prose’ was published in 2004 by Nazrul Institute, Dhaka. Along with Professor Mozaffar Hossain, he published the speeches of the national poet in English translation. That book was also published by Nazrul Institute. ‘Kazi Nazrul Islam: Selected Prose’ has been selling on Amazon Kindle Edition for the past 10 years.

The book ‘Subrata Kumar Das: A Wonder Boy of Intellect’ has been published by Murdhanya Prakashani of Dhaka. The cover of the book uses a still image captured by Nandit Photographic Deepak Sutradhar. Artist Mostafiz Karigar’s cover has already been widely appreciated on social media.

Sanjay Majumder, proprietor of Murdhanya Prakashani, expressed hope that the book would be well received at the fair. He said that this link can be used to buy books at home.


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