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Emirati expatriates celebrate the Thirteenth Night

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The people of United Arab Emirates welcome the New Year 2024 with traditional fireworks. Emiratis celebrate the beginning of the year with eye-catching fireworks and colorful illuminations at 12 midnight. Bangladeshi expatriates living in the country also participated in this event.

At the first moment of midnight on Sunday, fireworks started flashing in the sky of Ajman province of the United Arab Emirates. There were various arrangements to celebrate the Thirty First Night in the Bangladeshi dominated area of ​​the province.

Events like dance-song-DJ party were organized from evening to midnight by the initiative of expatriate Bangladeshis. A large number of expatriate Bangladeshi families took part in the Thirty First Night celebrations with fireworks, dinner and cultural events.

Earlier, thousands of people gathered in advance to enjoy the charming fireworks at various points in the country’s capital Abu Dhabi, commercial capital Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman. Enjoyed the New Year festival.

Not only in Asia but also in Europe, various countries around the world organize grandiose illuminations and fireworks around the New Year. Saying goodbye to the year 2023, in the next 24 hours, the countries of Asia, Europe and America, including the Emirates, welcomed the year 2024 one by one.

Security in the emirate was tight for the New Year. The expatriates roam around at their leisure in a blissful atmosphere.


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