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Emails of Microsoft officials were stolen

by Afonso
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The corporate system of the technology giant Microsoft has been hacked and the emails and documents of some of the company’s officials have been stolen. And for this, the company blames Russian hackers. This information was reported in the report of the news agency Reuters.

According to Microsoft, a Russian hacking group known in the cybersecurity industry as Nobelium or Midnight Blizzard began hacking Microsoft’s systems on November 23 last year. They perform password spray attacks. Through this, hackers enter different accounts of the company using the same password.

On January 12, the Russian group managed to steal a very small number of email accounts. Among them were emails of Microsoft senior officials and employees.

Microsoft says its research team regularly investigates the activities of state-sponsored hackers like Midnight Blizzard. They also investigated the recent hack incident. Reuters has not received any statement from the Russian Embassy in Washington about this complaint.


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