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Elections will be mass participation: CEC

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Chief Election Commission Kazi Habibul Awal said that the 12th National Assembly election will not only be a participatory election, but also a widely participatory one. He said this in an exchange meeting at Rajshahi Circuit House on Wednesday.

The 12th National Assembly election will be held on January 7. On the occasion of the election, an exchange meeting with the rival candidates was held at Rajshahi Circuit House. At the beginning of the meeting at 10 am, the candidates raised various allegations of violation of the code of conduct against each other to the Election Commission.

Independent candidate Sharmeen Akhter Nipa alias Mahia Mahi said, ‘I am trying to overcome some hurdles in the election. No matter how much trouble the CEC has said, it will do whatever it takes to have a fair election.’

Another candidate Rahenul Haque said, ‘If the voters do not come, then how will the election be. CEC has repeatedly said that there will be fair elections here. If someone scares you, don’t be afraid, tell us.’

Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal addressed the meeting as a special guest. At this time, he said that this year the election will be not only participatory but widely participatory. He also said that the law and order forces will play a neutral role in enforcing the code of conduct of the candidates.

Kazi Habibul Awal said, ‘Two incidents may have happened in the future and they are aware and if anyone violates the code of conduct, immediate action has been taken. Many candidates have also stood from within Awami League and 27 other parties have participated. From that point of view, this election will not only be participatory, it will be a widely participatory election.

The CEC said, ‘Boycotting elections can be done by anyone, but resisting it is unconstitutional. Against the law. Fair voting is not possible without everyone’s cooperation. The Election Commission does not represent the government. It is an independent organization. Fair voting is possible under this commission.’

The Chief Election Commissioner also said, ‘It is unconstitutional to injure the election. Can boycott election, can say you don’t go to polling station. But if someone says that it is a constitutional duty to hold elections here, if someone threatens that the elections will be resisted, it is contradictory, against the law.’

The CEC also said that everything will be done to create a label playing field in the elections, no concessions will be made.


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