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Elections have been festive: Menon

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Rashed Khan Menon, president of Bangladesh Workers Party and newly elected Member of Parliament from Barisal-2 (Banaripara-Ujirpur) constituency, commented that the 12th National Assembly elections have been festive. He said this to reporters at Barisal Press Club today at 12:30 pm at the post-election greetings ceremony.

At that time, Rashed Khan Menon said about the election situation, ‘There is some tension in the election, there is no doubt. But this time the excitement did not go to the level of murder. The most important thing is that there is no increase or decrease in voters. People participated enthusiastically.’

The president of the Workers’ Party said, ‘In the real sense, a successful election has been held. It was a challenge, a challenge on the outside, as I said in Parliament, their interference was never meant to free the election. Their goal was to change the regime in the election. Still their goal is regime change. The failure was about the goal of that regime change. I think the people of Bangladesh have given them the right answer.’

About BNP Jamaat, the newly elected MP said, ‘BNP-Jamaat is lying on the ground and saying that they have not fallen on the ground. This is the delirium of the disabled.’ He commented that they have been defeated by the people.

At this time, he highlighted various plans to modernize and develop Barisal and his constituency Ujirpur-Banaripara. The event was attended by Walkers Party Barisal District President Nazrul Haque Nilu, General Secretary Sheikh Muha. Tipu Sultan


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