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Election year 2024, when is the vote in which country?

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2024 is the biggest test year for democracy around the world. Because this year at least more than 4 billion people of 64 countries will elect the government through voting. Never before have elections in so many countries been held in the same year. Political analysts believe that the future of democratic system in the world will be known through these elections.

The journey of the election year started in the world with the twelfth national parliament election of Bangladesh on January 7. About 2000 candidates including 28 political parties and independents participated in the first election of the year. Awami League has formed the government for the fourth consecutive time with a single majority.

Taiwan’s presidential election will be held on January 13. The DPP candidate, Taiwan Vice President William Lai Ching-te, the KMT party’s Hou Yu-yeh and the TPP party’s Ko Wen-jae will compete there.

Pakistan’s national elections are scheduled to be held on February 8. The main contest will be between two former Prime Ministers Nawaz and Shahbaz Sharif’s party PML-N and Benazir Bhutto’s party PPP. As former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s party Tehreek-e-Insaf has been deregistered, the party’s leaders can contest as independents.

General elections in India will be held in April and May. 90 crore voters of the country will elect 543 members of Lok Sabha there for 5 years. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s party BJP will fight to come to power for the third consecutive term. Their main opponent is the Congress-led 28-party alliance ‘India’.

The US presidential election is going to be held on November 5. Americans will elect a new president and vice president for 4 years. Current President Joe Biden can be a candidate again from the Democratic Party. Former President Donald Trump can be the Republican candidate.

Apart from this, the general elections of several other countries including Russia, Mexico, South Africa, Ghana will also be held this year.


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