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Election is a game: Mahiya Mahi

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Actress Mahia Mahi lost in the recently concluded 12th National Assembly elections. He contested as an independent candidate from Rajshahi-1. However, he was defeated by Awami League nominated rival candidate Omar Farooq Chowdhury. Mahi got only 9 thousand 9 votes as an independent candidate in 158 centers of that constituency. Omar Farooq Chowdhury received 1 lakh 35 thousand.

Mahia Mahi spoke on Facebook Live for the first time after the announcement of the election results. On Monday (January 8) night, he said, ‘Everyone must be thinking that I am very upset. Yes, there will be some upset. Because election is a game, in that game I lost. A bit upset, but not to that level. Because in every situation, keep in mind that something negative can happen. So I was mentally prepared for every situation.’

At this time, Mahi urged the new Member of Parliament (MP) to undertake some developmental activities mentioned in his manifesto. He said, ‘As I said in the manifesto, every house of women will be employment, youth will be entrepreneurs. So I don’t know how much I can do this work on a large scale! Because as many initiatives as possible in the government regarding this employment, it is actually a bit challenging personally. Still will try to do enough on personal initiative. And I had a great desire and promise – about the roads of Barendra Bhumi. All over Bangladesh, where the roads are so developed, the poor condition of the roads in my Tanor-godagari, even when it rains, my knees get muddy. It is still like a bullock cart. So these roads and the water crisis in Barendra Bhumi, the motor problem – I would request the new MP to focus on these issues. He should do the development work that he has not done in the last 15 years, this time in 5 years. His popularity, which had gone to zero, should be overcome in these 5 years. If not, I am still in the field, I will meet you again in the next election.’

Mahi even warned the opponent. He said, ‘I say to the opponent, if you do any kind of disturbance to all the workers who will do developmental work for me in the next 5 years, remember that all the other candidates who clash with you, but I am not as weak as them. If you insult my staff even a little, I will fight to my utmost to counter that too. For those who worked for me in this election, I can also give information if needed. So be soft on them, especially my staff. In the next 5 years, you will do such things that you will have a place in people’s hearts. This is my advice to the new MP.’


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