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Election game underway: Nazrul Islam Khan

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BNP Standing Committee member Nazrul Islam Khan commented that the country is playing games in the name of elections. He made this comment at a discussion meeting at the National Press Club on Sunday afternoon.

Nazrul Islam Khan claims that Patano election is going to be held on January 7. No political party is participating in this election except pro-government ones.

This member of BNP’s highest policy-making forum standing committee said, ‘The game is on, the election game. Hey who will vote? Is any political party against the government taking part in this election? Not even one. Neither the government party nor their 14-party alliance nor the grand coalition nor the few political parties created by them.

On the occasion of Victory Day, the leaders of the Combined Professional Council expressed their views on the 12th National Parliament Election.

Nazrul Islam Khan said, ‘It is a one-sided game without opposition. Who will win which seat will be known long before the election.;

He also commented that it is a luxury to spend about 2000 crore rupees for such elections. Nazrul Islam Khan also claimed that BNP will not compromise in the name of democracy.


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