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Either BCS, or abroad – is this the desire of the youth?

by Afonso
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The final result of the 43rd BCS was published a few days ago. A flood of euphoria and congratulations began on social media. There is nothing wrong with such elation at getting one’s job. Rather, it’s news to cheer about. But the nature of the type of congratulations given on getting BCS or especially government jobs is very much like – ‘Let’s get so-and-so’s life going’!

That is to say, most of the people of our country have now equated getting a government job with attaining salvation in life. In this case, the society or mentors have played a role as a ‘guide’. You have to look into your own family structure to get proof of this. Understand how desperate a large section of our Murubbi society is to make this government job the life goal of their offspring.

Relevantly linked to this are the benefits of entry into the public sector, social security and the assurance of not losing jobs easily. As a result, naturally the libraries of various universities are now busy preparing for BCS. For this, it is enough to see the picture of the condition of the library of Dhaka University in the last few years. These pictures are often published in different media. We have seen how intense the struggle to occupy a seat in the library of Dhaka University with the guide book of BCS since seven in the morning. Even from personal experience I can say that this trend originated from about 10/12 years ago. Day by day it intensified. Who knows, maybe the struggle to memorize the name of the capital of such a country or determine the speed of the boat against the current begins from the day of admission to the university!

In fact, the desire to become a government employee has emerged as one of the reasons for the education of the youth of this country. This has been proven in various surveys. Bangladesh Youth Leadership Center recently conducted a survey in collaboration with BRAC University’s Center for Peace and Justice. This survey is mainly to understand the thoughts of the youth of this country. Titled, ‘Youth Matters Survey 2023’. Young people aged 16 to 35 participated in this survey and gave their opinions on various issues. It has been found that about 51.3 percent of young people want to get a job with salary. Others want to work as entrepreneurs. Again, 62.3 percent of those who want to get a job want a government job.

It is clear from the results of the survey that what our youth really want. Looking at another account, it will be understood that our youth are now studying only in the hope of earning. In this survey called ‘Youth Matters Survey 2023’, almost 70 percent of the youth said that the current education system of the country is not suitable for the future job market or becoming an entrepreneur. That is, the skills required for this are not being provided by the current education system.

The debate that arises in this case is – should the philosophy of education be based on knowledge, or based on the future? This is a very important debate. The same applies to universities. The point is – universities will show the paths to knowledge, but not swallow knowledge. Now, whether this guiding process is self-sufficient in this country, it can be doubted. Questions can be raised about how modern the relevant syllabus is. Initiatives for these changes can also be taken. But can it be said that the educational structure or the teaching process of the educational institution is successful only if you are successful in the job market after leaving the educational institution with a certificate? Will the success of any educational system be determined by success in the job market? At least the basic moral purpose or philosophy with which the need to distribute education in this world was realized, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčincome security seems to be quite distant.

But in this country now that has become one of the motivations for education. This game of commoditizing education is old. And because of this, education ends up being a tool to earn money, not to be human or humane. Therefore, the number of truly wise and virtuous people is very less than the educated people in our country.

Now let’s talk about going abroad. According to the survey, more than 42 percent of the youth want to make permanent residence outside the country. As reasons for this, they cite the uncertainty of getting suitable jobs according to their skills, lack of conducive environment for entrepreneurship, less opportunities for education or training, uncertain socio-economic situation and political future and anxiety about personal security. All these factors are completely absent in this country – there is no way to tell. But beyond this there is also a social status factor. Suppose your child could not catch the golden deer called government job. Instead of getting a private job or becoming an entrepreneur, you want to say, ‘boy or girl is in such and such a country’. Because it can establish or indicate that the child earns more. And because of this, there seems to be a kind of pressure to send children abroad.

That is, we are definitely mixing the issue of income with the achievement of all our objectives or goals. So that there is no income, it is actually eating the house and driving away the forest moose. Maybe this is the reason why the youth of this country are now making the goal of BCS or abroad their life path. Because no matter what you say, the role of family and society and its surroundings is huge in shaping a person’s personality. According to existentialism, every human being is interested in sustaining his own existence and manifesting that existence. When your society and family make only earning as a synonym of existence, then at some point consciously or subconsciously you too will indulge in it.

However, this process has many far-reaching side effects. If this goes on for a long time, a nation will be formed, which will be based only on money. This will be the golden rod, this will be the silver rod. Justice or injustice will also be determined on the scale of money. And the success or failure of life is very certain. But is the debit-credit account of the whole journey of a man’s life from beginning to end just an Excel sheet? Or should there be something, which cannot be defined only in materialistic thinking? Please think about it.

Author: Deputy Editor, Digital Department, Independent Television


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