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Efforts to reduce inequality have not been successful due to corruption

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70 percent of the economic growth that has taken place since independence has taken place in the last 15 years. However, even though growth has increased, income inequality has not been reduced. Efforts to reduce inequality have not been successful due to corruption.

The speakers said these things at the seminar organized on Saturday at the National Press Club of the capital. They urge the new government to be strict against corruption.

The per capita income of the people of the country has doubled in 8 years. At the same time, the participation of all classes of people in the economy has been ensured. However, despite the increase in growth, income inequality has not decreased due to corruption. These things came up in the seminar organized on the challenges of the economy.

The former governor of Bangladesh Bank in the seminar. Atiur Rahman said, ‘It has been asked to ensure good governance. But many things are associated with this term good governance. That should be done by showing zero tolerance for the way corruption has entered the society and everywhere.’

In the seminar, the businessmen highlighted the commercial progress of the country with the support of government policies. They want freedom from bureaucratic harassment to maintain development.

President of BGMEA Farooq Hasan said, ‘We are still harassed by the government bureaucracy. Globally there is no such thing as cross border. But we have many restrictions here, many barricades. We still can’t get out of those things.’

Economist Kazi Khalikuzzaman urged to be aware of the global political situation as a challenge for the economy. He urges to control inflation and dollar market volatility.

Kazi Khalikuzzaman said, ‘Inclusive development does not happen just by giving money. Not getting money, that’s okay in the beginning. Then all other arrangements have to be made, so that a poor or backward man can advance from his position. First of all, it will be sustainable, then we have to move towards sustainable development.’

Economists also suggest tax structure agencies to improve economic development and reduce income inequality.


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