Home News Edible oil-cement ship sinks in Jhalakathi due to ship collision

Edible oil-cement ship sinks in Jhalakathi due to ship collision

Edible oil-cement ship sinks in Jhalakathi due to ship collision

A cargo including edible oil and cement has sunk after being hit by a ship in the Gabkhan channel of Jhalkathi. All four workers in the cargo managed to swim ashore. The incident took place at Gabkhan Channel in Sarengal area of ​​Keora Union of district headquarters on Tuesday around 7:30 pm.

According to the workers and residents of the cargo, a cargo called Noor Madina traveled from Narayanganj to Mollarhat area of ​​Bagerhat district with 9500 sacks of cement and edible oil. At that time, the cargo named Noor Madina collided with another ship named Maria Rahman-3 which was traveling in the opposite direction. The bottom of the cargo burst and the goods sank in the river Gabkhan. At this time, four workers including the driver in the cargo swam to the shore.

Workers on the cargo complained that the cargo was crossing the Gabkhan Channel on the right side to reach Mollarhat in Bagerhat. But this happened when the vessel on the opposite side pushed the side of the cargo without giving any side.

Rezwan, an eyewitness of the accident area, said, ‘There was a loud noise in the river in the area adjacent to Sarengal Bazaar around 7 pm. Running to the shore, I saw two ships stuck in a collision. One was indistinguishable from the other. Empty cargo Maria Rahman-3 coming from Kaukhali direction and cement cargo Noor from the mouth of Sugandha river collided with Medina. After some time, the cement load slowly started to sink into Noor-e Madina. The empty cargo Maria Rahman-3 ran away from the stranded state when the ship sank completely in the water while carrying cement worth 70 lakh rupees. It floated in the river and anchored in the area adjacent to Gabkhan Bridge. On receiving the information, Sadar police station seized the empty cargo.

Sadar Police Station OC Md. Shahidul Islam said that empty cargo Maria Rahman has been detained. He also said that legal action will be taken later.

Sub Officer of Jhalkathi Fire Service and Civil Defense. Chiddikur Rahman said that a red flag has been hung on the channel at the site of the accident. All four cargo workers were rescued safely.