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EC will take action against anti-election activities: Information Minister

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Information and Broadcasting Minister and Joint General Secretary of Awami League expressed hope that the Election Commission (EC) will take action by taking note of anti-election activities. Hasan Mahmud.

He expressed this hope at a rally titled ‘BNP-Jamaat’s anti-democracy and anti-election disinformation and protest and demand justice for blockade and arson’ organized by Bangladesh Independence Parishad in front of the National Press Club at Topkhana Road in the capital on Thursday afternoon.

Hasan Mahmud said, ‘Election Commission has announced to stop any anti-election activities, any activities that can cause obstacles in the elections. I hope and request the Election Commission to take notice of the distribution of leaflets and occasional pickpocketing of the election to boycott the election and take action. I think it is necessary to take this action to implement the Election Commission’s announcement.

Stating that the Election Commission has already expressed its strength, capacity, and capability, the Information Minister said, “The Commission has transferred the OC, UNO, and DC of most of the police stations across the country. They have directed many candidates to appear with show cause notices. Through these they have been able to demonstrate their capacity and determination to conduct a fair, free and participatory election.’

“So I hope that the Election Commission will take appropriate action against those who are holding marches-meetings or distributing leaflets against the elections,” said Dr. laugh

Awami League’s Joint General Secretary said about BNP’s distribution of anti-election leaflets, ‘No one has responded to BNP’s call to boycott the election. Now what do they do! Distribute leaflets. Seeing the distribution of these leaflets, some monkeys in Old Dhaka and towards the cantonment also kicked their backs. BNP wanted to scare people by terrorizing fire, but failed. Due to their fire and terror, there is no interruption in the election campaign and mood. People are completely election oriented today.’

Pointing out that foreigners have turned their backs on BNP, the Information and Broadcasting Minister said, ‘The doors of BNP have been closed to those who used to stage sit-ins saying boycott of elections, caretaker government, government during elections. Many of them have come and are coming to observe the country’s elections. That is, they have accepted this election.

Stating that many BNP supporters are also waiting to vote in the elections, he said, ‘Many BNP supporters have also joined the election campaign today. Many BNP leaders are participating in the elections. Many leaders of BNP are participating in elections through Trinamool BNP, then through other parties. In other words, no one has heard BNP’s threat to boycott this election, it has been lost in the chaos of the election.

The information minister said, ‘BNP initially thought we could not hold elections. They could not divert the people from the election even by plotting assassination by arson. Today there is an election storm in the whole country. People are looking forward to vote and the people of the world have also accepted this election as European Union, USA, OIC and SAARC countries and various other organizations have sent observers. Realizing that the election is over, BNP says that their movement will continue even after the election. So I request all the leaders and activists of Awami Gharana to keep a watchful eye on the streets like a night watchman.’

Former General Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan South Awami League Shahe Alam Murad, Vice President Dr. Dilip Roy, Awami League leader MA Karim, Chittagong Zilla Parishad Chairman ATM Pyarul Islam, Bangladesh Independence Council President Jinnat Ali Khan, General Secretary Shahadat Hossain Toil, Chhatra League Former Vice President HM Mehdi Hasan, expatriate Awami League leader Al Mamun Sarkar etc. spoke at the human chain. give


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