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EC summons Amir Hossain Amu for violating code of conduct

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The Election Commission (EC) has summoned Awami League nominated candidate Amir Hossain Amu for Jhalkathi-2 constituency on the charge of violating the electoral code of conduct. He has been asked to appear in person and explain the same.

Election Management 2 Division Deputy Secretary Md. In the letter of EC signed by Atiyar Rahman, FM Mahmud (Kiran) to speak as the chief guest in the meeting scheduled at 11 am on December 8 at Nalchit Upazila Parishad hall of Jhalkathi district and at 3:30 pm at Sheikh Russell Mini Stadium of Jhalkathi municipality on the occasion of Independence Day celebration of Pak Khanadar of Jhalkathi district. An itinerary signed by the Assistant Private Secretary was issued by Amir Hussain Amu.

In view of the itinerary, the Deputy Commissioner, Jhalkathi and Returning Officer informed Amu, that if the discussion meeting is attended by a large number of people, it may turn into a public meeting and may violate the ‘Conduct of Political Parties and Candidates in Parliament Elections Rules, 2008’. Even if there is no violation of the code of conduct, such gatherings may cause confusion to the media.

The EC’s letter also said that Amu gave a speech at the rally and sought votes for himself, videos and stills of which were published in various media. This is against the Rules of Conduct of Political Parties and Candidates in Parliamentary Elections, 2008.

Section 91(e) of the Representation of the People Order, 1972 provides for disqualification of the candidature of a candidate for violation of the Code of Conduct.

According to the EC, it has sought an explanation from the Election Commission on December 15 at 3 pm as to why Amur’s candidature will not be canceled for activities contrary to the code of conduct including election campaigning 3 weeks before the scheduled date for polling, despite earlier notification.

According to the decision of the Election Commission, in order to sustain the candidature, I have to appear in person at the appointed place, date and time and give an explanation in this regard.


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