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EC not worried about US visa ban: CEC

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Election Commission not worried about US visa ban. Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal said that he did not consider the issue very important. He made this comment in an interview given to the American media Voice of America.

Regarding the demand for elections under the caretaker government, the CEC said, ‘It is not the responsibility of the commission to act as a messenger in the conflict and conflict between the political leadership.’

In response to a question about America’s visa policy, he said, ‘We are not bothered at all about the visa ban. I do not think that we who are in the Election Commission have any interest in visa matters. Those who need a visa, those who visit America or Europe frequently – may want to consider it.’

“There is no restriction on peaceful assembly,” the CEC said on the directive that no assembly could be held except for election campaigning.

Kazi Habibul Awal, objections have been raised about such gatherings that can only disrupt the elections. It has been said that such meetings and gatherings which may interfere with the election or against the election, may obstruct the election.

If the January 7 election is not acceptable at home and abroad, will you resign? The CEC did not give a direct answer to such questions. However, he expressed optimism that the election will be fair, free and acceptable.

The CEC also said, ‘The Election Commission has the capacity to conduct a free, fair and peaceful election as per the existing law. 1.2 lakh manpower is required for voting, but the commission has only 1500 manpower. As a result, the commission has to take manpower from different departments. It will not be possible for the commission alone to succeed in the election, the election will be successful only with the combined efforts of all.’


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