Home News ‘Eat black money of independents, vote for boat brands’

‘Eat black money of independents, vote for boat brands’

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Member of Parliament Shahdab Akbar Labu Chowdhury, son of Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury, candidate for boat in Faridpur-2 constituency, said, ‘The slogan of the next two days, eat the black money of independents, vote for the boat brand. Eat illegal money, vote for boat brands.’

Shahdab Akbar Labu Chowdhury said these things in an election public meeting on the grounds of Saltha Government Model Secondary School on Wednesday afternoon. Mentioning that he had seen some hypocrites, he said, ‘They talked about the boat after Mujib Court. But in the middle of the night it was sold for 10-20 lakhs.

Earlier, there was a huge showdown in Faridpur-2 constituency comprising Nagarkanda-Saltha upazila and Krishnanagar union of Sadarpur in favor of boat candidate Shahdab Akbar Labu Chowdhury. They reached the public meeting place with a procession from different areas and did the showdown. In the presence of a large number of people, the school grounds were filled to the brim.

In the public meeting, Shahdab Akbar Labu Chowdhury remembered his late mother Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury and said, ‘My mother has worked for the people of this area for 40 years. After his death, Awami League President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina sent me to you as a candidate for a boat as the son of her cousin Sajeda Chowdhury. Riots have stopped in the area today because of my firm grip. I want everyone in this area to live in peace regardless of party affiliation. We want all kinds of riots, terrorism, drugs to stop forever in the area.’

Shahdab Akbar Labu Chowdhury said that fear has been shown in many places, ‘There is no use in showing fear. All of you will go to the center to vote fearlessly on January 7.’

Saltha Upazila Awami League Vice President Hamidur Rahman also spoke at the meeting, former member of Parliament and district Awami League Vice President Jewel Chowdhury, Saltha Upazila Parishad Chairman Md. Wadud Matubbar, District Fishermen League President Kazi Abdus Sobhan, Labu Chowdhury’s son Shahbab Akbar Chowdhury, Advocate Habibur Rahman Habib and others.

At that time Labu Chowdhury’s wife Shahnaz Khan and other family members were present.

Incidentally, on the death of Syeda Sajeda Chowdhury in November 2021, her son Shahdab Akbar Labu Chowdhury became a member of parliament in the by-election of this seat. He is also a candidate for this seat. Md. has become an independent candidate as his rival. Jamal Hossain Mia and Bangladesh Khilafat movement advocate Sarwar Hossain.


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