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Easybike is now a cut throat in Dinajpur city

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The residents of Dinajpur city were crushed by the traffic jam caused by the additional easybikes. The capacity of the road is 3000, but the capacity of easybikes is 30000. Local residents are suffering daily. Apart from this, accidents often occur due to careless movement of easybikes and inefficiency of the driver.

According to the traffic police, the control system has broken down in Dinajpur city due to easy bikes running 20 times the capacity. Although the municipal authorities have licensed 4,000 battery-powered easybikes, there are more than 30,000 easybikes in operation. In the morning, thousands of easybikes from two upazilas and seven union parishads entered the city.

A resident of the city named Sultan Mahmud said that the number of easybikes in the city is now much higher than the population. Each Easybike carries one or two passengers. Apart from this, there is traffic jam for passengers everywhere.

Student md. Suman said, one has to leave 40 to 45 minutes earlier to go to school. Due to traffic jams many times there is delay in reaching the class. But if there is no traffic, I can go to school in 7 to 8 minutes from my house.

Bappi Dey, a businessman in Newmarket area, said that there are more union cars in the city than in the municipality. It also increased suffering.

The president of the Sammilita Sanshikari Jot complained that the traffic congestion is not being resolved due to the negligence and incompetence of the municipal authorities. Pedestrians are constantly getting injured by easy bikes. Many have accepted paralysis.

School teacher Mostak Ali said, we cannot move properly on the road because of easy bikes. School students suffer the most.

Harunor Rashid, General Secretary of the District Committee for Safe Roads, claims that even though human chains, memorandums and agitations have been done for a long time by the municipal authorities for congestion-free roads, no benefit has been obtained.

Traffic Police Inspector Ataur Rahman said that the capacity of the road is 3000 cars, while autorickshaws are running at 30000. Traffic system cannot be controlled as autorickshaws ply beyond capacity. Minor accidents are constantly happening due to incompetent autorickshaw drivers and recklessness of unequal competition. The police is not getting any cooperation from the concerned authorities in this regard.

Acknowledging the traffic congestion, the municipal authorities once again assured to solve the problem very soon, acting mayor of Dinajpur municipality, Abu Taib Ali Dulal. He said that soon the necessary steps will be taken by talking to the district administration, police administration and Easybike owners and the leaders of labor unions.

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