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Earning 2 lakh 50 thousand dollars from one video

by Afonso
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Earning money by uploading video content on various online platforms is nothing new. Numerous people around the world have now taken it up as a profession. So no one thought that it would be possible to earn 2 lakh 50 thousand dollars from a video. But recently this unimaginable incident happened.

According to the British media BBC, American young James Stephen Jimmy Donaldson, known as ‘Mr. Beast’ on YouTube, recently posted an old video on the social media X (formerly Twitter). His income from that video is 2 lakh 50 thousand dollars.

Mr. Beast usually makes prank and stunt videos and publishes them on his YouTube channel. His YouTube channel has 23.4 million subscribers. Mister Beast is considered to be the richest YouTuber in the world till now. In an interview, Mr. Beast stated that he was not interested in releasing the X video. Because the income from this platform is very low. But last week he experimentally posted an old video on X. Then the unbelievable happened.

According to the BBC report, the video has been viewed more than 156.7 million times in just one week. In this regard, Mr. Beast, i.e. Jimmy Donaldson said, My first X video grossed more than two and a half million dollars. Advertisers displayed ads on the video as many people watched the video. As a result, the income is higher than before.


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