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Eagle’s candidate withdrew from Mahia Mahi’s seat

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Eagle symbol independent candidate Akhtaruzzaman has announced his withdrawal from Rajshahi-1 (Tanor-Godagari) seat. He announced his withdrawal from the election by supporting Golam Rabbani, an independent candidate of Kanchi symbol, at a press conference at the Rajshahi Journalist Union office on Saturday afternoon.

Omar Farooq Chowdhury is the candidate in the boat symbol nominated by Awami League for that seat. Another independent candidate for the seat is actress Mahia Mahi.

At the press conference, Akhtaruzzaman said, ‘We want to make Rajshahi’s Tanor-Godagari seat free of Rahu. Omar Farooq Chowdhury, the current Member of Parliament of this constituency, has become disaffected. His actions have also created divisions in the party. Due to this, Farooq Chowdhury has been nominated by Awami League, so there is a possibility that the seat will be out of the hands of Awami League. Therefore, I was in the field as an independent candidate to strengthen the hand of Awami League and make the election festive.

Akhtaruzzaman also said, ‘I withdrew from the election by supporting independent candidate Golam Rabbani to free Rajshahi-1 constituency from the influence of Omar Farooq Chowdhury MP. From now on we will work together in the field.’

Saidur Rahman, mayor of Mundumala municipality of Tanor upazila and Awami League leader Abdus Salam were present at the press conference. Later, Rabbani and Akhtaruzzaman hugged each other. He also announced to work together in the polling field from now on.

As a result of Akhtaruzzaman stepping down, 10 out of 11 candidates will compete in Rajshahi-1 seat.


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