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Dutch NGOs reiterated their interest in strengthening development cooperation in Bangladesh

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The Bangladesh Embassy in the Netherlands organized the third NGO Conclave with 60 representatives of more than 40 Dutch NGOs on Friday. These NGOs are actively engaged in Bangladesh in areas such as women and children, climate adaptation, health, education, water, agriculture, mental health.

This information was informed in a press release sent by the Bangladesh Embassy in The Hague on Saturday.

According to the notification, the ambassador of the Bangladesh Embassy in the Netherlands. Moderated by Riyaz Hamidullah, the conclave was addressed by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director General (International Cooperation), Ambassador Pascal Chrotenhaus and Ambassador (Asia and Oceania) Wouter Joerchen.
Ambassador Hamidullah of Bangladesh elaborated on how the people of the two deltas can enhance cooperation in innovation, tolerance and development initiatives despite differences in capabilities and knowledge. Calling Dutch NGOs ‘friends of the people of Bangladesh’, he outlined areas and ideas on how NGOs can be more engaged in Bangladesh in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Ambassador Pascal in his keynote speech lauded Bangladesh’s achievements over the decades and presented his vision for building a socio-economically inclusive society to protect vulnerable populations and earn livelihoods.

Around ten Dutch experts and development workers from Dutch government agencies, universities and NGOs reflected on issues affecting grassroots, women and children, youth in the panel discussion on themes of inclusion, climate action and livelihoods. Addressing the future challenges of Bangladesh’s economy and changing social attitudes as well as examining opportunities and possible solutions to transformative possibilities; Introducing technology-driven solutions to create livelihood options for climate-vulnerable populations dominated their discussions.

The Netherlands International Cooperation Collection (NICC) presents a timeline of the involvement of Dutch NGOs/development agencies over five decades in various fields in Bangladesh. Dutch NGOs and others participating in the conclave praised Bangladesh’s ‘open and liberal moral values’ and its contribution as a ‘living laboratory’ in ensuring sustainable solutions, social cohesion and climate resilience.


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