Home Business Due to gas shortage, the production of textile mills has fallen by half

Due to gas shortage, the production of textile mills has fallen by half

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Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) claims that the production in textile factories has decreased by half due to lack of gas. In a press conference in the capital on Monday, the president of the organization, Mohammad Ali Khokon, said that the production has decreased by 50 percent without getting uninterrupted supply. Equipment is broken. If they cannot provide uninterrupted gas, they demand to go back to the previous price.

Spinning mills in the country have an annual production capacity of 4000 million kg of yarn. In addition, small, medium and large 20 thousand oven fabric mill production capacity of 9 billion meters.

But this sector is facing a crisis due to lack of gas for a year – say the businessmen. On Monday, BTMA, an organization of textile mill owners, said that production has stopped in Bisik of Narayanganj and its surrounding areas for the past 15 days due to gas supply being stopped.

Yarn and fabric for export oriented garment industry cannot be supplied. BTMA president Mohammad Ali Khokon expressed his anger at not getting uninterrupted gas despite the increased price.

He said, last year our production decreased by 50 percent. Narayanganj has been blacked out since January this year. Besides, there is no gas in Gazipur for two and a half to three hours. As a result, it is not possible to complete any large order at this time.

Without uninterrupted supply of electricity and fuel, new investments in the textile sector will be in doubt – fear traders. He also informed about the disruption of import of raw materials due to the dollar crisis.

It was informed in the press conference that the international exhibition of textile and clothing sector is starting in Dhaka on February 1. It will continue for four consecutive days.

Note that the production capacity of 25 home textile mills in the country is 800 million meters. And the production capacity of 42 denim mills is 900 million meters. The amount of investment in this sector is one lakh 80 thousand crores.


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