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Drizzle in Chuadanga

by Afonso
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It has been drizzling since Thursday afternoon in Chuadanga. It has caused suffering in public life.

The roads are wet in the rain. Many people are seen walking with umbrellas. Many people are seen riding easybikes to reach their destinations.

The roads of the city have become muddy in this winter rain. Other than the market area of ​​the city, there was little movement of people.

Earlier, the sky was overcast since morning. As the day progresses, the sky clears up a bit. Later the same situation is seen again.

The city became muddy in the rain. Many quickly return to their destination. Easybikes can be seen hailing those who want to go to the city center. On the other hand open van drivers did not get passengers. Many people have been seen leaving vans and riding easybikes for fear of getting wet if they ride in an open vehicle.

Rakibul Hasan, senior observer of Chuadanga Meteorological Office, said, ‘It started raining from 3:20 PM on Thursday. The rain continued even at 6:30 pm.’


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