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Dr. Yunus did not explain the worker’s dues, bribes were not cleared: Information Minister

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Minister of Information and Broadcasting and Joint General Secretary of Awami League. Hashan Mahmud said, ‘Dr. Yunus has been booked for committing the crime of non-payment of workers’ dues and his company has also tried to “manage” it with bribes.’

After unveiling the book ‘Refugee Statement 1971’ written by Popi Devi Thapa, a researcher of Press Institute Bangladesh (PIB) in the meeting room of the Ministry on Monday afternoon, Grameen Telecom Chairman Dr. When asked about the case against Yunus, the minister said this.

It should be noted that the Chairman of Grameen Telecom Dr. The Dhaka court sentenced four people including Yunus to 6 months imprisonment and a fine of Tk 5,000 and in another section a fine of Tk 25,000, in default of payment of 15 days. However, after the verdict, the court granted bail to Yunus on the condition of appeal.

When asked about this verdict, the Information Minister told the media, ‘Many Nobel Prize winners of the world have been punished for criminal and civil offences, many have served long jail terms. There have also been cases of joint Nobel laureates suing each other. And Dr. With due respect to Mr. Muhammad Yunus, I would like to say that Mr. Yunus did not pay the dues to the workers for many years. Then when the workers went to court, outside the court two labor leaders were told to manage bribes of 3 crores and 6 crores from his company. But ordinary workers do not get money anymore, if two leaders get money, it will not happen anymore. That’s why ordinary workers went to the case.

“There is a lot of talk about worker’s rights, our friendly countries talk a lot to ensure workers’ rights,” he said, “friends talk about collecting the dues of garment workers.” I hope they will talk about this too. A case has been filed because the worker did not explain the dues, that is, a crime has been organized.

BNP sent a letter to the United Nations against the election. Hasan said, ‘BNP has now lost its knowledge. They thought that there would be no elections in the country and even if there were elections there would be no participation of the people. Now they realize, massive participation of people has created a festive atmosphere in which BNP supporters have also joined.

Even before the announcement of the election schedule, they tried to rig the election by killing people with petrol bombs, terrorism, arson, killing mothers and children together, cutting train lines, throwing petrol bombs on trains, throwing petrol bombs on people in cars and buses, but failed. Not being able, they have now started writing letters to foreigners in their old way.’

Information Minister also said, ‘BNP did these things in 2013-14-15, now they are doing it again. Now writing letters in self defense. To whom the letter is written, they have also accepted the election, sending observers and asking that the election be free of violence. BNP has written many letters against the country, this letter will not be of any use.

“BNP is now planning to attack the candidates to stop the voting”, the information minister said in response to the question, “If a candidate dies in a constituency, the election in that constituency is stopped.” That’s why they made this plan. However, there will be no benefit from all these conspiracies like the terrorist group.

Referring to the book ‘Refugee’s Statement 1971’, the minister said that it is difficult for those who have not seen the liberation war to understand the pain and struggle of our liberation war. We talk about 1 crore refugees, but 1 crore people became refugees inside the country as well, whose houses were burnt by the invaders, who lived in other people’s houses.

Reminiscing about his childhood, Hasan said, ‘Our village in Rangunia, on the outskirts of Chittagong, was the road where refugees went. If you want to go to Mizoram by that route, you have to cross high mountains. Many children and old people who could not climb the mountain were left behind by others – there have been many such incidents.’

Writer, PIB co-editor Aqeel Uz-Zaman, researcher Mohammad Enayet Hossain participated in the unveiling of the book cover.


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