Home News Dr. Conspiracy to defame country on Yunus case: Law Minister

Dr. Conspiracy to defame country on Yunus case: Law Minister

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Law Minister Anisul Haque said, ‘Nobel winner Dr. Attempts are being made to undermine the country’s courts, judiciary, justice and democracy for the past few days centered on Yunus’s case. I do not speak about subjudice, but it has to be done today on the question of the dignity of the country.’

He said these things in a press conference at the Secretariat on Thursday morning.

The Law Minister said, ‘Conspiracy is going on to degrade the country and for personal interests. What is being done is to defeat the country. Those who want to come from abroad to watch the proceedings, should have come earlier. Nothing to see now. Yet anyone can see the proceedings now going on in the Appellate Division.’

Many people around the world have made statements. After their speech, everyone wants to know the reaction of the government, so this is the press conference, said the law minister.

Anisul Haque said, “Despite having all the irrefutable evidence, the government is harassing people who are spreading abroad. I want to say that the government is not giving any case. According to the provisions of the country’s labor law, a Labor Department inspector visited Grameen Telecom on February 9, 2020 and found the problem. Then on March 1, 2021, a letter was given to Grameen Telecom officials. Grameen Telecom was inspected again on August 1 of that year as the reply to the letter was not reasonable. On the 19th of that month, another violation letter was issued. Following the reply to the letter on October 9 of that year, a case was filed under Sections 303/E and 307.

The law minister said, ‘It is being said that the government is harassing and the workers have not filed a case. However, since 2017, the workers have been saying that their rights are being violated and they are not being given fair compensation. The labor department filed a case for not giving fair wages despite the workers’ complaints and assurances. They were asked to withdraw the case after promising to pay all. Means crime recognized.’

Anisul Haque said, ‘All parties have admitted that the workers were not getting their fair dues. Dr. asked for time. Yunus got a chance. The lawyers of both sides got the opportunity to present arguments. After analyzing all the sections, 6 months imprisonment and monetary penalty were awarded. No one is above the law. Crime should be punished. The culture of impunity needs to be removed from the country.

There are 22,000 pending cases in the labor court, the law minister said about the quick disposal of these cases, ‘nothing has been done without the law. Common people want to see the trial of all these cases quickly.’


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