Home News Don’t want war, increased vigilance at border: Home Minister

Don’t want war, increased vigilance at border: Home Minister

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Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan has made it clear that Bangladesh does not want to get involved in the conflict between the rebels and the junta government of Myanmar. He said this in response to questions from reporters at the secretariat on Sunday.

The conflict between the Myanmar army and various rebel groups of the country has reached the border of Bangladesh as well. Amid fierce fighting, 14 members of the country’s border guarding force Border Guard Police (BGP) escaped into Bangladesh on Sunday. According to the Public Relations Office of Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB), they have taken shelter in BGB camp in Tumbru area of ​​Ghumdhum border of Naikshyongchari, Bandarban.

When drawing attention to this matter, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said, ‘Arakan Army’s war is going on with the Myanmar Army. Arakan Army is taking over Myanmar police bases one by one. 14 members of the Myanmar police entered Bangladesh for self-defense. They have been detained with weapons and efforts are being made to return them through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“Bangladesh does not want war, but if it is attacked, it will not be released,” said the home minister, who said that border surveillance has been increased. BGB members have been increased on the Myanmar border. Unstable environment is going on. The return of the Rohingyas to their country is delayed due to various reasons, but the government is continuing all kinds of efforts.

On February 1, 2021, the military took power in Myanmar by overthrowing the democratically elected party of Aung San Suu Kyi in a military coup. After that there was mass protest against the coup in the country. And recently, the armed rebel groups have taken over several areas of the country after defeating the military. In addition, hundreds of thousands of soldiers left the country’s army amid the fighting. The junta government is in a lot of trouble.

According to UN estimates, since the coup so far, around two million people have been displaced by fighting within Myanmar.


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