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"Don’t let Vini be devoured by the ‘other’ Vini"

"Don’t let Vini be devoured by the ‘other’ Vini"

With the tight control of internal information exercised by the Madridwhat will be the displeasure of a large part of the staff with certain attitudes of Vinicius so that it has come to light. The Brazilian, who is at an increasingly outstanding football level, ends up blurring his performances many times due to his temperament, his hot blood, his defiant spirit and his short fuse. It ind

It is debatable that he is subjected to constant aggressiveness (racist and unsportsmanlike episodes everywhere since he arrived), that they search for him, that they provoke him, that certain sectors (journalism


included) they have taken it with him, as it is equally true that he shakes or enters the rag frequently.


should prevent his magnificent

I am a footballer

ended up devoured by that

‘another’ Vinicius

that contributes nothing. And I’m not referring, mind you, to his exemplary determination to denounce and put an end to racist acts. One of two: either they are not advising you well or you are not listening to those who can help you. Companions included. As it says

Felipe del Campo

any team in the world would have been scalded on Wednesday by the


. Everyone but him


that despite the tactical nonsense of


(what was he thinking?)

saved the furniture

thanks to your


in this competition.

The whites are already in the quarterfinals. They are already in their element.

I see to


especially motivated in this



Elections to the RFEF

The elections for the presidency of the RFEF are turning into a desperate farce. And in parallel, problems arose in one territory after another… Spanish football called for a ‘zero kilometer’ after Sydney. And you can’t wait any longer.

San Sebastian

I hosted one on Monday

secret football summit between four top-level leaders.

Until then I can read.

Ryder Cup in Spain


Ryder Cup

It continues without a definitive destination in our country. The option of


It is still not officially activated and it is not unreasonable to think that it will end up being diluted. In the bedroom they are

Bilbao and Madrid

, but with many reservations. The best birthday gift


It is the highest level at which he is located right now as a coach.



Gerardo Riquelme

They told him something that I share here:

“When an athlete says ‘hopefully tomorrow we’ll be on the cover’, where they want to appear is on the cover of MARCA”


Alfredo Relao

has just published an interesting volume:

366 (and more) stories from the Olympic Games that you should know

. I read it in the coffee maker




:”All his life the sheep was afraid of the wolves. But the shepherd ate it.”

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