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Don’t forget those 30 passwords

by Afonso
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In the digital world, most activities take place online. And there are different online IDs or accounts. Passwords are required for these accounts for security. If you don’t give a strong password, these IDs can be hacked. You have to read it.

That’s why passwords for different mediums have to be strengthened. Otherwise, the ID may be hacked. Hackers can take all sensitive information. If the password is not strong, it will be hacked in seconds.

Technology-based media Gadgets Now says that a technology company called Nordpass has recently provided information on 30 passwords that are not safe at all. But everyone is using these passwords.

Among these 30 passwords, the easiest is ‘12345’. Having this password will take only 1 second to hack.

Then in the list are admin, 12345678, 123456789, 1234, 12345, password, 123, Aa123456, 1234567890, 1234567, 123123, 111111, Password, 12345678910, 000000, admin123, *******. *, user, 1111, Pssw0rd , root, 654321, qwerty, ******, 112233 and 102030. Hackers can hack them in just a second.

However, if UNKNOWN is entered in the password, it will take at least 17 minutes to hack it. Admin123 password takes only 11 seconds to hack. A slightly stronger password is Pass123, with this password it should take at least 5 minutes to hack the ID.

According to experts, such passwords are easily stolen. Again, the tendency to give the same password in more than one place is not rare. It is also very risky. Because when one password is stolen, other passwords are also vulnerable.

How to give a strong password:

1. Password should be created with a combination of letters, numbers or special symbols.

2. It is better not to use personal information like name, phone number, date of birth in the password.

3. Password should be changed regularly.

4. Do not use the same password repeatedly.

5. If there is a facility to use multiple passwords, that facility should be accepted. A two-level security system that is much more secure than a single password.


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