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Domestic-foreign circles are keeping a close eye on the election: Shahjahan Omar

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Awami League’s boat symbol candidate Shahjahan Omar has commented that some local and foreign circles are keeping a close eye on the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections. The recently expelled vice chairman of BNP also requested the voters to be careful about casting fake votes in an election road meeting on Wednesday.

Shahjahan Omar said to the people of his union in the road meeting, “Dear people of Shuktagarh.” He has won this election, this win is not that win. All losses are not losses, all wins are not wins. That I did not lose in 2018? Did I lose to the public? Not all losses are losses. We have won this election, is this a win? But must win. How will it be, I say.’

Elections are of two types. One type is inclusive, elections are conducted with all parties. If there are votes there are 30 standing (candidates) 7 people. 7 people who get 5 votes, become 5 members. He added.

Shahjahan Omar said, ‘In this election, some domestic and foreign circles have looked at us with a sharp eye. Especially in your seat, many journalists, many agents of our opposition party, local and foreign agents will take information secretly. If you cast a fake vote you will be cut off immediately, if you cast a dead person’s vote you will be cut off. Voters who live abroad will be cut off. Please don’t do these.’

Union Awami League President Mujibul Haque Mridha presided over the road meeting organized by Shuktagarh Union Awami League, District Awami League Vice President Sanjib Kumar Biswas, Upazila Chairman Principal Moniruzzaman, Upazila Awami League President Khairul Alam Sarfraz, Upazila Awami League General Secretary former Upazila Chairman Milan Mahmud spoke. Upazila and Union Awami League leaders including Bachchu.


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