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Dolly Sayantani in song election campaign

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Popular singer Dolly Sayantani is running election campaign song by song. He is contesting for the post of Member of Parliament from Pabna-2 (Suzhanagar-Aminpur) constituency under the banner of a political organization called BNM.

Song fans, voters and common people are singing parts of popular songs in the hand mic. Going to voters’ houses, neighborhoods, offices and bazaars. Wanting votes, making various promises of change.

Among the 15 unions in the constituency, most of the unions are meeting the voters in the neighborhoods, mass communication and exchange of views. For the past few days, Dolly Sayantani has been campaigning with her followers in various areas including Aminpur, Beltala, Raninagar, Baghalpur, Bhatikya, Ruppur, Badherhat, Dulai, Chardulai, Chinakhara, Char Chinakhara, Manikhat, Dhallachar, Sujanagar, Kazirhat, Badherhat etc.

Abdul Hannan, a fishmonger in Badherhat of Aminpur police station, said, ‘I have been a fan of Dolly’s music since childhood. I couldn’t buy a ticket and see it in person. Today he himself is coming to us. Playing music directly. It feels so good.’

Tea shopkeeper Rahmat Ali, grocer Salam, food merchant Rahman Mia, hotelier Sohail, van driver Omar Farooq said that even though he is in the ninth party, everyone knows him because of his world fame.

Ordinary voters say whether to vote or not is the next thing. It is our great achievement that he came among us.

A local Awami League leader, who did not want to be named, said, I am Awami League. Even if you don’t vote for Dolly, I wish her the best. I am a fan of Dolly’s music since childhood.

After campaigning and public relations, Dolly Sayantani said in a road meeting, ‘I am a child of this area. When I came to the area, I was overwhelmed by the love of the people of the area.’

This popular musician also said, ‘I came to the election field and appealed to the administration for security in the overall context. I got enough response from the administration. I have fearlessly shared my power with people everywhere. The opponent has no obstacle in the election.’

Regarding the promise of development, he said, ‘After coming to the area, I saw that there is a lot of work left. The area is neglected due to lack of qualified public representatives. If I am elected, I will work to change the overall situation including construction of bridges for easy communication with Dhaka, creating employment for people in the area, infrastructure development.

Dolly Sayantani urged to go to the polling station fearlessly on January 7 and vote for the anchor mark symbol and said, ‘The electoral field is good enough. You will go to the center in groups without hindrance.’

Dolly Sayantani said to the question that she is new to politics and the party is also new, ‘Basically her own area. I feel free from apprehension, worry and fear as people accept me spontaneously.’

At various places, he responded by saying, ‘I am an artiste’ when he was asked by followers and fans to sing songs. People want me, love me. I am getting proof. I’m not unprepared for wanting to listen to music, but I feel good, I feel encouraged.’


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