Home News Dolinková declared that she is ready to negotiate on changing the decree on the distribution of money

Dolinková declared that she is ready to negotiate on changing the decree on the distribution of money

Dolinková declared that she is ready to negotiate on changing the decree on the distribution of money

Health Minister Zuzana Dolinková is ready to discuss the change in the decree on the redistribution of finances in the health sector.

He wants to actively communicate with all those involved so that they have the best solutions for protecting people’s health. She stated this in response to the statement of the opposition SaS, which criticizes the redistribution of money and demands the cancellation of the decree.

“I perceive Thursday’s statement by the SaS as ordinary politicking and part of the pre-election campaign for the presidential elections. They are the ones who could have done their best for a better Slovak healthcare system in the previous three years in the government, but as it turns out, they did nothing. (…) It’s their really desperate effort, which does not solve anything and brings unnecessary nervousness in the medical community,” she noted.

The head of the department declared that she cares about every area of ​​healthcare. In addition to allocating money for hospitals that create debt, according to her, they are working on systemic steps to stop further indebtedness or audit fees and co-payments for doctors. She pointed out that they are preparing a reform of both general and specialized ambulatory care, solving the availability of ambulatory emergencies and working on steps to stabilize the medical staff.

According to Dolinková, the ministry has evaluated all comments on the decree and knows that it requires modifications. She informed that, together with representatives of the entire sector and the Ministry of Finance, they are creating a budget council. It is supposed to make the processes of distributing money more efficient.

“Thanks to this advice, we will then be able to respond much more promptly to all requests in order to socially and fairly distribute resources to all areas of health care,” she concluded.

SaS members of parliament Jana Bittó Cigániková and Tomáš Szalay on Thursday criticized the redistribution of money in the health sector this year. They pointed out that less money is allocated for the ambulatory sector. At the same time, they pointed out that the decree gives indebted state hospitals more than 190 million euros more. They also criticized the possible reduction of benefits for the insured. They called on the minister to cancel the decree. They suggested transferring the competence to redistribute money to health insurance companies.

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