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Does the smartphone get hot? There is a solution

by Afonso
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There can be various reasons why a smartphone gets hot. Overcharging is one of the reasons for smartphone overheating. The phone may get hot even after playing games for a long time. Apart from this, the phone starts heating up even if the malware enters. Even if you increase the brightness of the phone display, your smartphone may get hot. Sometimes this can happen even if the app and operating system are not updated on the phone for a long time.

What to do to prevent smartphone overheating
* Some daily mistakes cause major damage to the phone. Many people keep the device charged day and night for fear of running out of charge. Which damages the battery of the device. Not only the battery, overcharging can damage the motherboard. If you feel hot all of a sudden, you should understand that the phone has a problem. So it is better not to keep the mobile charged all the time.

* Due to long time use of the phone, the battery and processor of the phone starts to get extra pressure. At that time the phone starts heating up. So if you take a break at regular intervals of using the phone, the chances of the phone heating up are reduced.

* Delete junk files on smartphone. Accumulation of unnecessary files can cause the phone to heat up. You can use Google Files Go app to delete junk files.

* Many times the phone gets hot due to virus and malware entering it. In that case, antivirus can be used to remove viruses and malware from the phone. Many times the phone heats up due to the accumulation of files in the memory. Restarting the phone reduces the possibility of overheating.

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