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Does picking teeth damage the eyes?

by Afonso
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We dentists often face a question. That is, if the teeth will damage the eyes? This is an absolutely baseless and wrong idea. Removing the teeth does not damage the eyes. There is no risk of even loss of eyesight.

In this case, the dental disease called Pulpitis is the main cause of fear for the patients. Because the pain of this disease very quickly spreads to the eye on the side of the tooth that hurts. And this is why most patients think that there is a relationship between teeth and eyes. Tooth extraction can cause eye problems. Apart from this, the roots of the upper teeth are located close to the eyes, so this is also one of the causes of anxiety in patients.

It is a common misconception that tooth extraction damages the eyes. Because teeth and eyes are connected with different nervous systems. Both their nerve supply and blood supply are distinct. The nerve supply to the eye is the ophthalmic division of the trigeminal nerve and the inferior is the maxillary division of the trigeminal nerve. And blood flows through the ophthalmic and lacrimal arteries. On the other hand, anterior, posterior and middle superior nerves supply the upper molar teeth. The lower leg is supplied by the inferior alveolar nerve, which is a branch of the mandibular nerve.

So it appears that teeth and eyes are equipped with two different structures. Dental nerve and optic nerve are completely different. One of which has nothing to do with the other.

Author: Dental Surgeon, Sikdar Dental Care, Mirpur, Dhaka


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