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Doctors do not listen to 96 percent of patients

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Government Hospital. Even then medicine has to be bought from outside. 73 percent of patients have to spend extra money. In addition, in 96 percent of cases, the doctor did not listen to the patient carefully. This is the condition of Mitford Hospital in the capital.

All this information was presented during the publication of the results of a study by the Department of Health at a hotel in the capital on Monday. In the research of 6 doctors of the hospital itself, it can be seen that the costs of patients are increasing due to various reasons including examinations and bribery of employees.

According to the study conducted by the Department of Health on Sir Salimullah Medical College or Mitford Hospital in the capital, there are about seven hundred government jails in the country. Although the quality of service has increased, there are still many crises.

Studies show that three out of four patients incur additional costs. In 18 percent of patients, the cost is too high. 69% patients have to buy medicine from outside. Many have to pay a bribe of more than two hundred rupees to get the service. And half of the patients had to be tested from an outside lab. In 96 percent of cases, the doctor did not listen carefully to the patient.

Abnormal costs in 18 percent of patients
73 percent of patients spend extra money
69 percent of patients buy external medicine
50% of patients tested in external labs

Sir Salimullah Medical College Assistant Professor Dr. Ayesha Afroz Chowdhury said, ‘Mitford is a hospital that has a chain of investigation centers around it. Remands for regular investigations are coming from what happens in these centers, so a large part of the patients are going there.’

Another professor of Sir Salimullah Medical College. Sudip Das Gupta said, ‘People actually want to talk when they see doctors. However, many times the patients are not able to reach their full words to the doctor.’

Despite not fully agreeing with the research, the hospital’s new director promises to work on solving the crisis.

Director of Sir Salimullah Medical College Brigadier General Mazharul Haque Khan said, ‘We are also taking feedback from the patients to increase their satisfaction. We know from a patient what he really wants and gets. We want to fill up the gap in his request.

6 researchers have recommended increasing hospital supervision, testing equipment and manpower to solve the crisis.


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