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Do you know about these floating houses?

by Afonso
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Most of us know more or less about underwater restaurants. But floating houses or holiday resorts are not heard of much. Let’s know about some of these beautiful houses –

Haixi floating house on the sea
A whole house is floating in the sea. A Chinese entrepreneur has built such a floating house off the coast of China’s Fujian province. This 600 square feet house named Haixi cost only 4 lakh yuan to build. The house was built by young entrepreneur Coastline. Coastline, who grew up in a coastal area, chatted with his friend Dong Jinming one night in 2018 and asked what it would be like to build a floating house in the sea. One could enjoy fishing and feasting all day long. That night they decided to build a floating house. Coastline wanted to use as much glass as possible in the structure of the building for aesthetic reasons. But to make it strong and durable, he had to leave aside the external beauty and use steel. The house is tied to 16 metal anchors. If the house is ever to be moved, the anchor must be lifted and towed to the new location by a powerboat.

This floating villa is very popular among tourists.  Photo: Taken from XLilypad Palm Beach
Lilypad Palm Beach is an hour north of Sydney, Australia. This floating villa is very popular among tourists. Where there is 100% solar power system. The entire house creates a warm atmosphere through solar powered electricity. From this house floating on the water, one can enjoy the beauty of the sea as well as the distant mountains. Over a year of effort by architect Chuck Anderson, Lilypad was built on water. The pleasant environment of this house attracts the tourists.

Floating duplex homes in Portland are of great interest to many.  Photo: Taken from XPortland floating duplex home
The floating duplex house in Portland, America is of great interest to many. Most of Portland’s early residents lived on land. But after building a few floating houses, the whole scenario changed. Real estate companies started promoting the construction and sale of floating houses due to the interest of the people. The response is quite good. But among all the floating houses in Portland, the duplex house catches everyone’s attention. After installing the basement, the two-story house is built on the water. Such houses have almost all the arrangements of a modern duplex house. Many people are interested in buying a house built on clear water.

Architect Dimitra Malcio designed this floating house.  Photo: Taken from XDimitra’s floating house
The house was designed by Singapore-based architect Dimitra Malcior Vasman. This resort is built in France. It can be floated from one place to another if desired. The entire wooden house is surrounded by glass windows. Through which one can enjoy the wonderful view of the sea. If you want to see sea fish, dinner can also be served. Because fish swim around it. There is also a coral reef. Every interior room is open from the top. As a result, the sea as well as the sky will change shape from the house. There is no better destination for nature lovers.

This strange house is on a rocky hill above the river.  Photo: Taken from XHouse floating on the river
Just outside the town of Bajina Basta in western Serbia, a strange house sits on a rocky hill on the Drina river. For more than 50 years, this nameless house has stood on a rock in the middle of the river. The house was first built with the idea that it would be great to live on. Even if the water level rises, the house is protected. In the once uninhabited area, human settlement gradually developed around the river. Even the houses were started to be built on the river. There are several stone pillars on the river. Tourists want to spend time in a house that floats on the river.

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