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Do not want war with the Houthis: America

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The White House has said that the United States does not want to get involved in a war with Yemen’s Houthi rebels. On Tuesday, White House spokesman John Kirby said, “We are not willing to escalate the war with the Houthis.” Reuters reported this information in a report.

Kirby told the Houthis at the press conference that the Houthis still have time to stop these attacks and return to the right path.

Recently, America and Britain have attacked the Houthis for two days in a row. In response to this, the Houthis launched missile attacks on America on Sunday and Monday. After that, Kirby said these things on behalf of the White House.

Meanwhile, Houthi fighters attacked commercial ships in the Red Sea on Tuesday. The ship was said to be from Greece. A series of Houthi attacks on commercial ships in the Red Sea has left shipping companies and traders worried.

The Houthis have previously said they have been attacking commercial ships in the Red Sea in support of innocent Palestinians since the war between Israel and Hamas’s pro-independence group Hamas began on October 7 last year.

Last week, America and Britain launched a joint attack targeting Houthi positions in Yemen for two consecutive days. Since then, attacks have been carried out on American facilities from Iran, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. Last Monday late night, Iran attacked the office of Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad in Iraq. Apart from this, members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard have also attacked Syria. Due to all these reasons, there is a danger of conflict spreading throughout the Middle East.


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