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Do not have to go to jail now. Yunus

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Chairman of Grameen Telecom and Nobel laureate economist in the case of violation of labor law. Four people, including Muhammad Yunus, were sentenced to six months in prison. However, four people including Yunus do not have to go to jail for the time being despite being sentenced. The judge granted them 1 month bail on the condition of appeal.

In terms of bail, it is said that within the next 30 days, the rights of the workers should be ensured as per the labor law. Otherwise the court can take any action.

Judge Begum Sheikh Marina Sultana of the Third Labor Court of Dhaka announced this verdict around 3 pm on Monday. Four people including Muhammad Yunus were sentenced to 6 months imprisonment as the charges were proved in the verdict.

Before this, Dr. reached the labor court around 2:30 p.m. Yunus. Later, sometime after 2 pm, the judge took his seat in the courtroom. At 2:15 PM, he started reading the main part of the judgment of total 84 pages.

Observing the verdict, the court said, Nobel winner Yunus is not being tried in this court, he is being tried as the chairman of Grameen Telecom.

After presenting the final arguments on Sunday of last week, the date of the verdict was decided on Monday. On that day Dr. appeared at the Labor Court of Vijayanagar at around 11:30 in the morning to present the arguments. Yunus. At the end of the arguments, Dr. journalists. Yunus said, ‘I am innocent, I expect justice in the verdict.’

Dr. Yunus’s lawyer, Barrister Abdullah Al Mamun, said that since their presentation of arguments was incomplete on Thursday, it was presented again on Sunday.

Alleged violation of labor law on September 9, 2021 Dr. Directorate of Inspection of Factories and Institutions filed this case against Yunus and four people.

According to the affidavit of the case, officials of the Department of Factories and Institutions visited Grameen Telecom. Going there, they came to know about the violation of labor laws. Among them, 101 workers were supposed to be made permanent, but they were not made permanent. Workers’ Participation Fund and Welfare Fund have not been constituted. Apart from this, 5 percent of the company’s dividend was supposed to be given to the workers, but it was not given.

Dr. in the case. In addition to Yunus, the former managing director of Grameen Telecom has been accused. Ashraful Hasan, Director Nurjahan Begum and Md. To Shah Jahan.


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