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District cricketers with Shakib around election in Magura

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Shakib Al Hasan, the captain of the national cricket team, is already starting the campaign after getting the boat symbol in the upcoming 12th national parliament election. He was joined by past and present cricketers and friends of the district. The meeting has already started with them. They also joined Shakib’s election campaign.

On Friday, a mock match was organized with hundreds of cricket players of the district at Nomani Maidan in the district city.

Hundreds of cricket players of the district divided into four teams namely Chander Hat, Garai, Navganga and Madhumati and participated in the game. And Shakib Al Hasan opened this mock match by batting two overs with the bat.

In this, Shakib was given a reception by his old friends. More than a hundred former cricketers from different parts of the country with whom Shakib once played cricket at Magura appeared in this meeting. TV and film star Sabbir was also there. At this time, Shakib told the story of the beginning of the new cricketers to become their own cricketers.

Organizer Mansoor Ahmed said, ‘Saqib is being felicitated through this gathering. He is running as a candidate of Awami League. For this we Magura cricketers will welcome him.’

Shakib’s childhood cricket coach Saddam Hossain Gorki said, ‘The main purpose of this event is Shakib. He is contesting the elections. We have organized this meeting keeping in mind that all the cricketers, including Magura, are by his side.

TV personality Sabbir Ahmed wished all the best for Shakib's election.  Photo: The IndependentTV personality Sabbir Ahmed said, ‘Participated in Shakib’s election campaign. I participated in the meeting. feel good Through this game we can unite all the people of the whole country. All the best for Shakib.’

Shakib was felicitated on the occasion.  Photo: The IndependentShakib was also happy to receive the reception from his friends at the meeting. In his speech, Shakib Al Hasan said, ‘My cricket started from this ground. I used to come and sit in the field of Nomani Maidan. Gorky Bhai came to train me. He let the ball go. I used to bowl fast. But Gorky Bhai asked me to spin ball. Since then, I became a spin teller.


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