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Display of handicrafts of Beraid residents in Dhaka fashion show

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An eye-catching fashion show took place in the capital Tejgaon. Where the skillful handicrafts and handicraft products of the Dalit community residing in Beraid region are showcased. On January 27, the non-profit organization Sajeda Foundation organized this unique event titled ‘Sudin Satta 2.0’ in the light of Tejgaon in the capital.

One of the attractions of this event is the fashion show with the participation of the residents of Beraid Rishi Para. The handicrafts are then sold through auction. Farooq Sobhan, chairperson of Sajeda Foundation, said, Sudin Satta is not just an ordinary event, but it is a meaningful get-together organized to create a prosperous future for all through the exchange of our dreams and expectations and through friendship.

Zahida Fizza Kabir, chief executive of the organization, said that this program is mainly working for the welfare of various backward communities. Under which we focus on poverty alleviation and community development in urban areas. This arrangement of ‘Sudin Satta’ perfectly reflects the overall impact of our ‘Sudin’ project.

Sudin Satta 2.0 was organized as community partners (entrepreneurs) by Rangata, Tanis Bangladesh, Par, Shabana, Vadana Vaya, Sutantu, Laukik, Rangdaru, and Piran Bangladesh. Also involved in overall arrangements were Md Al Amin (Art), Abid Azad (Photography), and Sumaiya Akhtar Sumi (Fashion Choreography). Persona collaborated as a make-up partner for the event.


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