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Dismissal of dedicated staff saddened: Roshan

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Jatiya Party chief patron Roshan Ershad commented that the expulsion of party’s dedicated workers on the pretext of disorganization is regrettable. This information was given in a statement signed by Golam Masih, political secretary of Roshan Ershad on Monday.

In the statement, Roshan said, ‘It is very sad that all the leaders and activists inspired by the ideals of Pallibandhu Hussain Muhammad Ershad and associated with Jatiya Party politics are expelled from the party. It is very sad to expel the party’s dedicated workers and candidates participating in the parliamentary elections on the flimsy excuse of breaking the so-called party line, especially in the context of the 12th National Assembly elections. I am calling for the reinstatement of the released and expelled leaders and workers to the party immediately.’

Chairman GM Quader and General Secretary Mujibul Haque Chunnu are facing challenges from a section of the party’s defeated candidates after the results of the 12th National Assembly elections.

Even before the 12th National Assembly elections, the Jatiya Party was clearly divided into two parts. The chief sponsor of the party Roshan Ershad and his followers boycotted the election accusing Chairman GM Quader of incompetence. They complained that Roshan Panthi was not nominated in the election.

Awami League gave 26 seats to Jatiya Party in this election. The party’s candidates could not be elected in these seats either. Jatiya Party got 11 seats in the 12th Parliament. The candidates of the party did not win in any seats except the seats given by Awami League. The leaders and workers of the party are fuming with anger.

The Jatiya Party has released party co-chairman Kazi Feroz Rashid and presidium member Sunil Shubo Roy on charges of fueling the protests. Presidium members Shafiqul Islam Sentu and Vice Chairman Yahia Chowdhury were expelled for criticizing the Chairman and Secretary General.

In the statement, Roshan also said, ‘At the moment when it is necessary to strengthen the party by avoiding disaster in the election through the united efforts of all levels of leaders and workers, at that moment, the party is converted into Nap Mozaffar, Nap Bhasani and Muslim League by taking out the dedicated life leaders and workers from the party. Therefore, I appeal to all concerned, including the chairman of the party, to take all efforts to unite the party immediately.


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