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Discussion on 648 MP: Policy makers can explain if they want

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Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs Minister Anisul Haque said that policy-makers can interpret the constitution if they want to discuss the ongoing discussion with 648 members of parliament. The minister said that till now everything is going on constitutionally.

The minister made this comment in response to a question from journalists after a meeting with Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Dhaka, Isa Yusuf Isa Alduhailan, at the secretariat on Thursday.

The law minister said, ‘The thing is that what is in the constitution now, the country is running as it is and it has not been inserted in the constitution today. It was added in the Fourteenth Amendment. The matter that is being discussed now is probably not very important. Still, I would say, if the policy-makers feel there is a need for some clarification here, that will be seen.’

The minister said that Bangladesh is going to sign a cooperation agreement with the judiciary of Saudi Arabia. It will cover various issues of protection of Saudi investments in Bangladesh and employment of Bangladeshi expatriates in that country.

On the meeting, the minister said, ‘The ambassador of Saudi Arabia came to pay a courtesy call on me. We have discussed signing an agreement to enhance cooperation and relations with the judiciary of Saudi Arabia with us. From our side that contract has been sent to Saudi Arabia. It is in the Ministry of Justice of Saudi Arabia. We discussed the progress of that agreement today.’

Bangladesh’s friendship and brotherhood with Saudi Arabia is very deep. We want to deepen this relationship. He (Saudi Ambassador) said that the entire Muslim world considers Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina as their sister. They are very keen to strengthen this relationship.’

When asked what is included in the agreement, the minister said, ‘It is a cooperation agreement between the judiciary. As you know, Bangladesh has many jobs in Saudi Arabia. Our workers are going there. Saudi Arabian businessmen are eager to invest in Bangladesh. The agreement will be made for their benefit in all those respects. This agreement will be about how to mutually protect their (Saudi) investments.’


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