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Director General of Consumers said to be restrained in shopping during fasting

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Director General of National Consumer Rights Protection Directorate AHM Safikuzzaman said that there is no shortage of daily commodities in Ramadan to avoid unrest. He said this in an exchange meeting with traders at the organization’s office in Caravan Bazar on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, AHM Safikuzzaman said, ‘Oil, dal, gram have been imported sufficiently. Besides, TCBO will also sell these products in the open market. So there is no reason to panic. There will be no problem if you buy as per need and not buy many products at once. At the same time traders should be sincere in controlling the market. Get out of the trend of excessive profits. If the customer buys the product, he should give his receipt.

In the meeting, the Director General of Consumer Affairs urged the traders not to spread rumors about the price of products and said, ‘During the month of Ramadan, the demand for some products including oil, sugar, chickpeas, dates increases. In view of that, maintaining the stock and supply of these products is a challenge. Due to our flawed marketing system, the price of the same product is inflated by different swaps.’

In the discussion, the Director General of Consumer Affairs pointed out the increase in international market prices, increase in transport costs, impact of Russia-Ukraine war, dollar problem, problems related to transportation through the Red Sea as reasons for the increase in the prices of daily necessities.

Bangladesh Shop Owners Association President Helal Uddin said in the meeting, “Unscrupulous traders responsible for slowing down the market supply system by creating an artificial crisis in the market should be brought under the law and punished.”

In the discussion, the treasurer of the Consumer Association of Bangladesh (CAB). Manzoor-e-Khoda Tarafdar said, ‘Businessmen should conduct business according to ethics.’


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