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Dilijan is a snow-covered city like ‘The Hobbit’

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The Hobbit is a fictional novel written by English poet JRR Tolkien. Hollywood producer Peter Jackson also made a movie based on this novel. Based on the novel, Peter Jackson has featured the village of Shire in his film. Where are all the little houses of the hobbits.

This time, the village named Shire in the novel has become a reality in the city of Dilijan in the northern part of Armenia. Two brothers named Edgar and Ara Gulanian decorated the village as a fictional Hobbit to attract the attention of tourists.

In 2019, the village was built as a tourist center by the initiative of two brothers, modeled after the village of the hobbits in the Shire. The cottages here are built to perfection. So that visitors can see the Shire village from The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings movies.

Hobbit Hotel owner Edgar Gulanian said, ‘I tried to apply my professional skills in this business. Competition in Dilijan for business is very high. So I was trying to do something that would be innovative and attract the attention of tourists.

Every door, window and other features of the cottages are specially designed to give tourists the Shire experience. Edgar said the cottages tried to capture every little detail of the Hobbit.

Christina Thomas, who visited the Hobbit Cottages in Armenia with her family, said, ‘The cottages look like they are part of Lord of the Rings. He said that children as well as adults are fascinated by the village of Dilijan.

He also said, ‘We have five children with us. So we were looking for an interesting place to stay. We find this hobbit cottage. We have read Lord of the Rings books. Now that we are in the Hobbit Cottage, we feel great. It is very beautiful. As great as the book or the movie.’

The Hobbit Village in northern Armenia transforms into a winter wonderland every year to delight guests. But even though the cottages are modeled after the Hobbit novels and movies, living here doesn’t have to be Hobbit-esque.


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